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About our Portable Sawmill:

Rock Ridge Contracting can help you make the most out of your natural resources.

We do this by harvesting your timber and then mill it into usable lumber. 

This can all be done on-site with our portable sawmill, which can

mill logs up to approximately 36".

Don't have your own timber to be logged? Don't worry!

Rock Ridge Contracting can still build your custom structure by hauling in lumber from offsite or purchasing it locally.

We can mill lumber to fit the needs of your construction design.

Whether it's a cabin, barn, garage, restoration project, or other structure,

Rock Ridge Contracting can get the job done.

Underground Utilities

Snow Removal


Concrete Work - Foundations- Footings - Slabs

Our Services

Rock Ridge Contracting has its own line of excavating equipment to serve your needs. Whether its clearing your land,  digging a foundation or putting in underground utilities, we've got your covered.