This 60' x 40' barn is located in Winchester, Virginia.  Foundation repairs included new concrete pier footings, a knee wall around the existing parameter, wall support beam columns, and a new concrete slab.  The existing floor system was replaced with rough sawn oak lumber.  A new 60' x 20' loft was added that included tongue & groove pine sheathing on the floor system.  Mortise and tenon railing was installed around the loft parameter.  A 60' x 4' roof overhang was installed to match the guest house and decking to tie it all in together.  RRC also constructed an 84' x 30' tractor shed / cattle barn on the property.  All wooden structures on the property were stained and sealed for protection.

Beginning the Restoration
barn restoration


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Repairing the Foundation

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barn restoration
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Completion Photos

barn restoration
Protection Against the Elements